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When it comes to home renovations and additions, trusting someone with your home isn’t easy. You don’t just want to hire anyone who can get the job done, but rather a team that understands your vision and can make it a reality. Thankfully, that’s where the Impero team can help!

At Impero, we approach every project with the same client-driven approach. All our home renovation projects start with a personalized consultation that give us a thorough understanding of the existing structural components.

Once we’ve determined how the structure will interact the artistic elements of the addition, we’ll be able to design a custom renovation that flows seamlessly with your current space.

After all the project details are outlined, and your home’s structure has been analyzed, we’ll provide you with your comprehensive project plan and specialized timeline. Upon approval, Impero will begin the renovation project, and will provide you with periodic updates to inform you of progress. Once the renovations are completed, we’ll invite you to walk through the space, and encourage you to assess the project to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Impero’s artful approach to renovation projects acknowledges the unique challenges that are presented when incorporating new and old architectural features. Our team aims to preserve the integrity of the existing structure by creating continuity between the current design and its new components.


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