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Gas or Electric Appliances?
Most appliances are powered by electricity or gas. Deciding which is most suitable to your lifestyle can be complicated. While many of us automatically default to what we’re used to, there are immense benefits to stepping back and asking ourselves whether or not these options are actually the best for our needs.
Monday December 13, 2021
Couple looking imagining their new renovation
After many years of good living, our homes can sometimes begin to feel stuffy and outdated. This blog asks the important question: How do I know when it is the right time to renovate?
Monday November 1, 2021
Spacious Living Room Layout from Paxton Lane
To help you make an informed decision about your forever home, we help to clarify the differences between traditional, modern, and contemporary design, highlighting the benefits and downsides of each so you can choose the design best suited to your family’s needs.
Wednesday October 6, 2021
Impero Spacious House Living Room Area
This month, we’re taking a close look at open concept living spaces, including which rooms work best for open concept designs, to help you determine if it suits your lifestyle.
Friday September 17, 2021
Commercial Project
If you are sure that constructing a commercial building is the right move for your business, here is a list of considerations that should be made in anticipation of, and during, the construction process.
Thursday August 12, 2021
Arthur Street Exterior
If you’re having trouble deciding between a bungalow or a two-story home, we’re examining some of the common features of both to help you select a style that is functional, affordable and suits your taste.
Friday July 30, 2021


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